My name is Emily, I am the artist & creator of Peace & Posies.  I grew up in the mid-west surrounded by cornfields & football.  After high school I went to college where I received my Bachelor of Fine Arts in Graphic Design.   Although life & career have sent me in a different direction than planned, I have always considered myself an artist continuing to create for myself, family & friends.  Now I am sharing part of the whimsical world in my mind where these ideas come from.   I hope they bring you even a little bit of the PEACE & joy it brings me to share with you!


On October 19, 2020 my mother-in-law passed away.  When deciding on a name for my creations, I struggled to find something that had meaning to me. I wanted a name that inspired me.  Spent weeks playing around with different options when I found a card from my mother-in-law thanking us for the POSIES we had given her for Mother’s Day.  Posies are a small bunch of flowers & what she always called them.  I immediately knew this was the inspiration I needed & my way of paying tribute to an amazing woman taken too soon. Not enough to repay the love & support she gave us all, but it is a start.